About Us

Bright Futures Educational Trust (BFET) is a multi-academy trust set up in 2011. The Trust is made up of a richly diverse group of schools in Greater Manchester and Blackpool. We are passionate about working together within and beyond the Trust to achieve our aspirational vision: the best for everyone, the best from everyone. We are an organisation that is underpinned by values of: community, integrity and passion. In everything we do, we remember that we are accountable to the children, families and communities that we serve.

The Trust schools are:

The current Chief Executive Officer, John Stephens, took up post in January 2017.

Bright Futures takes seriously our responsibilities to work with the wider educational system in order to improve outcomes for all children and young people. We have a thriving teaching school alliance, the Alliance for Learning, and this enables us to work with and learn from a wide range of schools and other partners. We help to train teachers through our school centred initial teacher training (SCITT) and we promote innovative approaches in the teaching and learning of mathematics through our Maths Hub.

We are an organisation that is open and connected; we are always learning and seeking ways to improve what we do. We celebrate and take pride in the many diverse achievements of our staff and students, and we embrace new challenges with optimism and curiosity.

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