Educational Psychology and Specialist Outreach (EPSO) Team

At Bright Futures we place high priority on meeting the needs of all children and young people. To help us ensure that we are meeting students’ needs using the most appropriate and effective approaches we have an Educational Psychology and Specialist Outreach (EPSO) Team.

The team is led and managed through Melland High School and comprises two full time Educational Psychologists, and two Specialist Leaders of Education from Melland’s senior leadership team. Our Educational Psychologists are recognised as leaders and innovators within their field, and our Specialist Leaders of Education have provided high quality specialist outreach support to the schools of central and East Manchester over many years. As well as providing expert and highly specialised advice and training for staff, students, parents and carers, our Educational Psychologists are also tutors on the Educational Psychology doctoral training programme at the University of Manchester. This enables schools in the Trust to access and take part in the very latest research and means that we can also deploy Trainee Educational Psychologists, increasing the capacity of the core team.

The EPSO Team has built a strong reputation for their innovative and impactful work and they are held in high regard.