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Our unique Educational Reviews programme is a mutually collaborative partnership between all of our BFET schools which seeks to improve the outcomes for all of our children.  They identify, disseminate and embed the most effective forms of teaching and learning and sound educational policies and practice across all of our schools, fostering a collaborative approach to school self-improvement and developing a culture of relational trust.

Through the Educational Reviews we are developing a community of practice which starts with having highly expert, inspired and passionate teachers and school leaders working together to maximise the effect of their teaching and school processes on all students in their care. This is a true ‘self-improving school system’ at work.

The reviews provide each of our schools with:

  • Ofsted/Inspection readiness
  • Developing the role of the experts (develops system and systemic leaders within the Trust, providing the actual experience for our leaders).
  • Develops the expertise of the subject leader in each school.
  • Develop critical self-reflection (Schools learn from regular monitoring visits by Trust experts, gaining an in-depth understanding of key school areas).
  • Provides coherence by strategically linking and aligning educational support services e.g. Teaching School Alliance, Maths Hub, NLEs, LLEs, SLEs, IT, Facilities and Estates, HR, Governance.
  • Information is shared with Bright Futures Educational Trust ‘Teams’
  • Information is linked to the Operational Board.
  • Develops a ‘horizontal accountability’ for all schools – schools developing together.
  • Is an authentic school-led system.
  • Fosters a collaborative approach to school self-improvement.

The BFET Specialists are central to the Educational Review Programme. They develop a community of practice; building strong relationships, and lead dynamic teams who can respond to emerging needs. They help schools to identify organisational, professional and personal ‘blind spots’ that affect performance through a consultative method of school improvement.



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