Marton wins Centre of Excellence Status

Congratulations to Marton Primary Academy. The school and nursery have been awarded Centre of Excellence Status from IQM, the organisation established in the UK in October 2004 to support both state and independent schools to become inclusive.

On presenting the award to Marton, IQM said: “Every child really matters at Marton Primary School. Furthermore, every family and every member of staff matters. People come first and great care is taken to ensure that everyone is included. The school is emotionally aware and emotionally resilient. They obviously care about each other. Inclusion is central to the school ethos and the core values are expressed in the motto: Community, Integrity and Passion. These core values are demonstrated at every level. Staff, children and parents are very positive about the leadership provided by the Head of School and the Inclusion Lead. They trust the leadership to do the right thing for the children and for staff. They said the leaders are very approachable, they listen and take action as necessary. This is a happy school and is moving forward with developments despite the pandemic and all the changes they have had to deal with. Inclusion permeates every aspect of the school and they have much to be proud of.”

Well done to all staff and students at the school, these comments are a tribute to the hard work and fantastic inclusive ethos of everybody there and indeed across the Trust.