THIS IS ME-lland!

Communication of all forms is so important – and this was highlighted to the BFET Executive Team and the BFET Principals recently, thanks to a fantastic performance by Melland students.

Using ’This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman, A1 students were supported by staff as they showcased their developing communication and singing skills in the recently upgraded Melland Multimedia Studio.

All pupils took on a character from the film and gave their own individual interpretation of the song and its messages, through a range of performances including juggling, tightrope walking and lifting weights as they sang.

Melland is part of the two-year national pilot developing the ‘Semi-Formal Curriculum with Equals’ which aims to improve pupils’ communication, health & wellbeing, confidence and independence as well as working on the core domains of functional numeracy, literacy, PSHCE, physical well-being, drama and humanities.

This performance delivered on all of the above and perfectly encapsulated the message of the film and the ethos of our Trust – working together to get the best for everyone, the best from everyone.

Well done, Melland!